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About Us

Egress Systems, Inc. specializes in the sales and installation of Wellcraft® and Rockwell® basement egress wells with Jeldwen® egress windows and PermEntry® basement stairways with Bilco® doors

Gary Gaboriault has been a General Contractor since 1978. In the first few years, the majority of the projects were medical office renovations. Over time the projects have evolved to include many more types of projects such as professional office renovations, commercial additions, restaurants, retail spaces, new buildings from the ground up, complete building restorations, storefronts, front facade restorations, masonry and stucco repairs. The most recent focus has become historic preservations. These historic preservations include buildings that are in the historic district on the city/borough level, the state historic preservation registry level and several that are listed on the federal historic register. These projects are always unique in their scope of work and unique in their depth of preservation; but all require a tremendous amount of dedication and attention to detail. 

In 2008, Gary was asked to install a basement egress system in the home of one of his commercial clients. The installation and the subsequent basement remodel went very well and soon the referrals started coming in. After installing a couple of dozen egress systems the demand became evident, and Gary decided to create a company specializing in installing these basement egress window systems along with finishing basements. And that company is Egress Systems, Inc. 

It is because of his dedication to the client that Gary Gaboriault has been able to establish long term relationships with a numerous of owners; several go back nearly 40 years. Because of these enduring relationships, he performs minimal advertising as nearly all of his work comes to him by referral. As always, Gary looks forward to developing new relationships that will continue.




Installation Process

  • All of the dirt and material (including the concrete slab) that is removed from excavating the well location will be taken away.
  • We install a vented drain at the base of the well.
  • We trim the outside of the window with maintenance-free Azek.